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Choose is a football club unlike any other

We know that sport can be about much more than the physical aspect. Through a love and commitment to the game, we foster personal and social skills so that our members can be team players both on and off the field.

To spread these values beyond our club, we’ve partnered with BIG1 to make a difference to children around the world too. For every month a player spends on our Football Development Squad, we donate 5% to a charity that aligns with the Choose values.

Our 2025 Goal: 100k Children Helped



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We’ll DONATE 5% of every subscription to charity

ALL PROCEEDS go towards improving children’s wellbeing, health and education

Our Current Charity

Currently, all donations are going to New Ways, a UK-based charity which was established in 1994 and provides programs in Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan and Ethiopia. Our donations support a project to feed and nourish children in Kenya. With money donated by choose, New Ways, provides children in nursery with a full nutritious meal each day.

Our Charity Partners

Our Goals for a Better World

In 2015, 17 Global Goals known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), were established. Ideally, these goals can provide a better future by 2030, but it’s up to each of us to contribute to the changes we wish to see. With this in mind, Choose commits to using these SDGs as a guiding light in all areas of our club.

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Do you see something that we’re missing? If you or your child has an idea about how we can better work towards achieving Global Goals, we’d love to hear from you.

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